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New Website Design

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

I had been struggling with the look of my site. It felt over powering on desktop. The nice part was that all my work was in one place, it just very visually stimulating. I had the opposite of that on mobile. It would show one picture and you would have to scroll through all of it to see them.

I try to not overpower my clients when I deliver their photos. If you see a beautiful and clear picture for the first time, it is unique, if I include multiple variations of the same picture, maybe with their head tilted different, or from a tiny different angle, with every picture, it starts too lose its value.

I realized that my desktop site had too much visual information, and while it let you see all my pictures at once, it was hard to actually enjoy them. I ended up creating entirely new pages for my site, each a different category. Essentially it is like every other photographers set up.

Typically when you create a new page, and add it as a sub folder to another, you would have a drop down menu.

But I hid the pages from my menu, and just linked to them from my homepage. If you click on either the button or the picture it shoots you to the category you want to see.

That way, when someone pops in, they can choose what to look at instead of having everything thrown at them.

On mobile its a lot better now that its sorted by category and shows more pictures at a time.


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