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Transparent Favicon

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

What's a favicon?

It's an icon associated with a website.

It can be a logo, or some version of it, that will appear on the tab of a browser, or appear beside the website when it's saved as a bookmark.

You can't run a custom favicon on a free wix site, it will just be the wix logo. Now that I have my own domain and have a premium account (sounds luxurious and expensive, it is luxurious, but not costly) I can customize my icon.

How To Change Your Wix Favicon
See that little tiny "F" on the tab?

I use Gimp for most design stuff I do, I even use to edit my photos in it. Editing photos took forever, but logo design and marketing work is wonderful in it.

I tried doing my full logo, but since its such a tiny icon, it was hard to read so I just went with a big 'ol "F."

I just made a square image with a transparent background, threw a capital "f" in my logo font, and exported it as a PNG file.

Then I just got into my Wix editor and clicked "Settings" on the top bar, and went into "Tracking & Analytics."

Inside there I just went into the Favicon side bar, and then you can change it to what ever image I want.

It took me about ten minutes to do.

I was hoping that it would also function as the App Icon if someone would save it onto their phone, but that is an entirely separate thing that I have yet to do.. Right now If you were to save my website to your home screen it would just be a black square.


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