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Redesigning My Website

Updated: Jul 4, 2018

I redesign my website almost every time I look at it. Sometimes it's as simple as a font change, but most of the time I redo my setup, galleries, write ups, and design. The good part about it is I know my site doesn't rack up a ton of traffic (oops, isn't there a rule about revealing how little action your business gets?). Even if I did run huge numbers of people through my site, most individuals won't come back and check it day after day. With that in mind, it might explain why I don't feel guilty about redoing my theme, or adding and removing entire pages every other week.

The overlying hope is that with every minor change, I learn a little more about web design, and what I prefer. In the end I hope the changes are welcome and good.

Here is my website about 4 months ago.

Below is the current. It might not seem like huge change, but keep in mind I did not include all the versions in between these two, I just happened to have the old screenshot.

I did take away the "welcome" page, which felt very much like a book cover, just a photo, my name and a button that let you actually enter the site. After awhile I felt as though it was a waste of effort to have someone click on my website, then essentially click on it again to view it. This way its a one click wonder straight to my work.

I widen the gallery for a full screen vibe. I like the way it removed all the wasted space.

I moved to sliding galleries, that run the photos from off screen through like a slideshow. It saved me a ton of space vertically.

I also added a Blog page, which I have found is great for either photographers that are great writers apart from their photography work, or for photographers whose work needs to be spoken for to be set apart (yawza, but don't worry, I fall into this category) . Seeing as my site doesn't have a definite aesthetic, I am venturing out and seeing what happens to my views.


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