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My First Photography Gig

I won't lie. I had the best possible first gig I could have dreamed of. A driven, well thought out, self starter of a woman in my view finder is more than I should even be allowed to ask for.

A goddess messaged me and told me about her idea to start a beauty page. Like me she was wanting some content to start up the page. She already had quite a presence on social media, her feed was thick with sultry vibes and sharp makeup. But she talked about going full force with themed content solely for the purpose of brand promotion and sponsorship. We struck a quick deal and met up the next week downtown.

The shoot walked well and easy. Tina is a wonder to work with and knew what she wanted and made me feel at ease. She has a style and taste that is unique and bold. And the honest truth is that I was not ready. I missed the aesthetic and style she was going by six train stations and a bus stop.

Both of us have a vision for our future, one to run a successful beauty page, and the other a profitable photography page. The difference maker for this photo shoot was in how focused her goals and talents were running into the show, and how mine are a lot more experimental and shaky.

She knows what she wants, and I now recognize the value of that in being successful. That firmness will be implemented in some areas of my business, like knowing my skill level, and up keeping the integrity of my brand, but leaving some areas experimental, like my photography style or what I specialize in,

If you want to see the gorgeous style she has, check her Instagram here @tiarempel_


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