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Long Exposure, Real estate Photography's Best Friend.

I had some family finish building their new house and I took some photos of it for them to share with family and friends that live far away. I was very happy with how they turned out, and I have a couple of tips for you.

All you need is a camera with exposure settings, and a stable place to set it, whether that be a tripod or a stool.

Real estate photography is very calm, there are no moving parts, just a still house that you can take your time with.

Don't be scared of using long shutter speeds, depending on the light in your building you can use just under a second, to a few seconds long of a shutter speed to make the place seem bright and airy.

Keep it still, set it on a stool or a cheap tripod and click the shutter. Let the camera take its time absorbing the light in the room to make a bright picture.

I used a cropped sensor camera with a 50 mm lens. That just means I can't take very wide angle pictures. I did have a bit of trouble in small rooms like the bathrooms and small bedrooms, but big open rooms are fine and look great. If you have a wider angle lens, use it, but if not you'll be fine.

The house had some nice big windows, and nice LED lights, so my exposure was only set to 1/1.25 with IOS 200, on my D3400.

Thanks for reading, gladly email me with any questions, or comment!


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