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Because everyone deserves beautiful pictures at an honest price

How to Style Your Photo Walls

You've just had your photos taken by a lovely photographer, and now your struggling to print and hang those photos without it looking cheap and tacky.

I have a couple of ways to get the expensive look for cheap!

Simple Frames

It is easier to make simple designs to look coherent and expensive then it is for ornate and more "out there" designs.

If you are having trouble with wall hangings looking tacky or cheap, stick with simple colors, flat designs and modern elements.

Ornate White Picture Frame
white picture frame

The bottom, flat white frame is much less "tacky" then the top ornate frame, and both are the same price!

Get Frames with a Mat

Make sure your frames have a photo mat. This is the "no-man's land" between the photo and frame. So when you have an 8x10 photo, your frame isn't 9x11, it's 12x14.

White picture frame, with a white mat, with a photo of a couple spinning at sunset

This gives your photo room to breathe and makes your photo look bigger than it is.

Walmart has my favorite simple minimalistic frames for cheap.

Go Big

Don't print anything less then 8x10.

Big = Expensive.

Anything smaller like 4x6's and 5x7's belong on a college girl's dorm room wall, not your elegantly styled living room wall.

8x10's are by far the most affordable option, photo and frame wise. If you print a few 8x10's and place them in matted frames, it takes up enough space to look pricy.

High Quality Prints

There will be a quality difference between getting your photos done at a drug store or a specialized print store. However, the cost difference is going to be substantial.

I highly recommend ordering them from your nearest print center, whether that be Walmart, Walgreens, or some other corner store print shop. When printing high quality photos from a photographer, they are going to come out just fine.

Add it all together

Get simple modern frames with mats, and print your photos where ever is cheapest.


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