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First Wedding Gig

Short and scary, those were the fears that held me when I booked my first wedding. I had been scrounging for a second shooter job for months. Second shooting is being hired by another photographer and taking photos for an event, typically weddings. It helps get more of the wedding covered and more "behind the scenes" photos as well as helping the main photographer with lighting, and other assistant-ish things. All you do is show up that day, take the photos and give them to the photographer.

Most of my other small time photographer friends had loved it since they learn about covering weddings without the stress and full responsibility of running the whole show.

But being new to the area and not knowing any big running wedding photographers I hadn't found a second shooting job, and then one of my classmates from school messages me.

Of course I took the job! It was terrifying going into it totally blind, since wedding pictures are one of the most treasures photos people will have of them in their life time. That is an enormous amount of pressure, with me running a DX DSLR and kit lenses.

The great part about it was that the bride was someone I knew, so there were a lot of people in the bridal party and wedding that I knew. It was easy to get comfortable. I rented a lens and flash from Don's Photo in Winnipeg that actually changed my life. Using a low aperture lens makes shooting in low light easy! The venue was a church notorious for bad lighting.

I ended up using my 300mm 4.5f for some nice close ups during the ceremony, and I didn't even have to use the flash with the new LEDs they installed above the stage and the 50mm 1.4f for getting both the bride and groom in a whole shot. For all the rest of the day I used that beautiful rented 50mm.

At the end of it, when I finally popped the pictures up on my laptop and started editing them I got really excited. The pictures turned out beautiful.


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