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Dreamy Florida Elopement Photos

A close friend of mine changed her massive Orlando Florida wedding into a dreamy Lakeland Orlando elopement. She planned it in three days! This was not a destination wedding for her, her now husband is from Orlando, Florida.

I had been dreaming of shooting her wedding photos, ever since they got engaged, but when she asked me to be her maid of honor I let the dream fly gently into the wind to be in the bridal party instead. When they changed their mind to get elope, it initially was only meant to be a courthouse wedding, but the plan quickly developed into an elopement instead. With the plans changed and time running out, I made sure to HEAVILY hint that I would be honored to be their photographer.

She hustled down, and planned the entire Florida elopement in a few days.

We stopped in at Hollis Garden, right close to the heart of downtown Lakeland, for the bridal photos and some of the family photos. The elopement itself was in the groom's mothers backyard. Wonderfully the house wasn't furnished yet so it functioned as a reception space inside, enough for decorated tables and food.

If you are looking for a Florida wedding & elopement photographer, contact me! I offer Florida with no additional travel fees.


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