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A Dreamy Texas Wedding

Zana & Jarvis' wedding was a bright cloudy day. Lamar County had a forecast of rain, so I was preparing for an indoor bridal session but the day stayed warm and dry for pictures, even with this mild spring.

Zana is a former co-worker of mine and I was thrilled she asked me to be her wedding photographer.

This wedding was unique due to Jarvis' friends being unable to attend due to covid. Since the groom couldn't have groomsmen, they decided to forgoe the bridal party all together. You would assume it would have looked strange since we are all so used to having giant bridal parties with weddings, but during the ceremony, while I was taking pictures I didn't think twice about it. Honestly it was lovely.

Bridal photos would have taken half as long without the bridal party, but Zana's massive family pictures nicely filled up time.

The wedding was a few minutes west of Paris. Texas in Zana's childhood church.

We took their bridal photos in a field just a mile from the church, I was nervous when the herd of cows came running over, but once they figured out we didn't have food they wandered off.

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